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Kabanero World Tour Begins!

The momentum around Kabanero is growing as the word spreads on how it tackles the complexities of developing, deploying, and managing solutions in a Kubernetes environment. Kabanero is now taking to the world stage to give developers more chances to experience this simple and elegant way to develop in containers.

It all starts on September 9 in Hursley, England, at the European Application, Platform & Modernization Summit. At this event Kabanero takes center stage in the discussion on moving existing applications to the cloud.

Next stop is at the JavaZone conference September 11-12 in Oslo, Norway. At this conference, Kabanero is showcased on the expo floor with attendees given the opportunity to try Kabanero first hand. If you want a sneak peek, there is also a meetup in Oslo on September 10 where you can get a more intimate experience with Kabanero.

That same week, Kabanero makes an appearance at the Taiwan Kubernetes Summit as part of the keynote address. In that session, the advantages of developing Kabanero in the community will be discussed along with the role it plays in strategies for transforming solutions to cloud native formats.

Then, September 16-19, Kabanero will be at the center of a number of sessions at the annual Oracle Code One conference. Look for sessions DEV6686 and DEV3080 as they cover how Kabanero streamlines the development of cloud native applications. At the event, attendees will be able to try Kabanero and talk to experts on the capabilities and features that make Kabanero the right foundation for moving an enterprise to the cloud.

Finally, the month of September finishes with Kabanero appearing at the inaugural Application Modernization Technical Conference, hosted by IBM, in Chicago, September 24-25. Join us for another opportunity to learn more about why Kabanero is a key solution for moving enterprise apps to the cloud. There will be deep dives into the complexities of modernizing the enterprise with the best path forward for simplifying the complexities with Kabanero.

We hope to see you at one of these events! If not, no worries, as Kabanero will be adding more stops to its World Tour in October.

Of course, you can always give Kabanero a try for your own personal experience with the solution.

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