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What's New in Release 0.3.0

Today you can get your hands on the next monthly release of Kabanero, v0.3.0. Check out all the details including a shift from OKD 3.11 to OpenShift 4.2 and an integrated hosted IDE.

Hosted IDE with Eclipse Che and Eclipse Codewind

Expanding on microservice development scenarios, Kabanero can now establish an Eclipse Che environment. Developers can remotely leverage Codewind in Che, hosted in the same Kubernetes cluster as the Kabanero Instance, to develop microservices. This capability reduces the computing resources that are needed for individual developers.

OpenShift 4.2 support

Kabanero is moving very rapidly. To accommodate the desired rate of innovation, especially around Kubernetes operators, we decided to move our foundation from OKD 3.11 to OpenShift Container Platform 4.2. While our community is committed to being open, the OKD distribution is currently behind the commercial distribution. Once OKD 4.x is available we will shift our deployment recommendation back to OKD.

Foundational project updates

In addition to the move to OCP 4.2, we’ve upgraded the foundational infrastructure to leverage Red Hat ServiceMesh and Serverless features. Tekton also gets a refresh, which brings us to a special consideration — the pipeline syntax of Kabanero Collections is changed, more detail about the pipeline changes are in the tektoncd 0.7.0 release.

Pipeline security tasks

Speaking of pipelines, we’ve added sample tasks for container scanning, which improve the quality of your microservices. We’ve also added container signing, which helps you trust the containers that are leveraged to compose your microservice applications.

Collection 0.3.0

We’ve refreshed each of the Kabanero Collections to deliver the latest maintenance and security fixes. In addition, all collections provided have been tested to successfully deploy as a Knative service providing ability to scale to zero. This is parameter enabled in the appsody-config and must be configured when using pipelines.

New DevOps prototype

Additionally, we’ve begun our journey of teaching Kabanero to respond to key microservice lifecycle events. New prototype trigger support has been checked into the 0.3.0 repository that demonstrates the community direction to react to specific GitHub events and drive concrete pipelines based on those events.

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