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Check out the new video demo: Develop and deploy, an end-to-end flow

If you’re interested in quickly learning what Kabanero is all about then we’ve got just the video for you. This latest video takes you through an end-to-end development and deployment cycle. Starting with an existing Node.js application, you’ll see how Appsody makes it easy to Kubernetes-enable the application, all without the need to write a single line of YAML or a dockerfile.

In doing so you’ll see how the application automatically gains Kubernetes liveness & readiness endpoints and Prometheus formatted metrics, all ready for deployment to Kubernetes, including OpenShift Container Platform.

Continuing through a bug-fix scenario, you’ll see how Eclipse Codewind provides extensions to local IDEs (VSCode in the video) which provides cloud-native development of the application, all inside containers. This shifts discovery of deployment issues closer to the developer.

Finally, once the code is fixed, you’ll see how a pre-built Kubernetes-native CI/CD pipeline automatically builds and deploys the application to Kabanero on OpenShift.

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