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What's New in Release 0.7.0

We are excited to present the latest release of Kabanero, version 0.7.0. We have a lot of changes to tell you about.

Open Liberty Operator

Kabanero 0.7 introduces the Open Liberty Operator, which is a specialization of the Appsody Operator. The Open Liberty Operator extends deployment capabilities that expose Open Liberty Environment Variables; Persistent Volume support for logs, traces and dumps; and day 2 features like requesting server dumps and traces. Developers have the same development experience, but gain access to those specific Open Liberty features. 

Check out the Open Liberty Operator docs to learn more about it.

GitHub protocol

The Kabanero Custom Resource is extended to express Github protocol access for assets stored in Github. This alternative to the existing HTTPS makes secure access to your assets easier.

Pipeline development flexibility

The Kabanero operator now allows the specification of pipelines as a single file that contains the pipeline assets, rather than having to package individual files in a zip. This change simplifies the pipeline development experience.

User experience

We’ve added the CodeReady Workspace tile to the user experience to provide quick links for easy access. We’ve also added a new admin management feature to help you manage your stack hub admins via the Console UI. For more release information, check out the console’s 0.7.0 release in GitHub.

System management CLI and service

The CLI client includes several usability enhancements and fixes: . Improved clarity of which stacks are obsolete.  . Reduced the number of usage/help messages that appear in the CLI related to expired credentials or non-user related errors.  . Fixed a CLI client segfault issue that occurs when trying to connect to environments that need a VPN but the VPN is not enabled. 

Blocking and Tackling

As usual, we’ve updated the foundation components to stay current.

Dependent open source components

Component Version

Appsody Operator


OpenShift Pipelines Operator


OpenShift Serverless Operator


OpenShift ServiceMesh Operator


Open Liberty Operator


Tekton Dashboard


Remember, the community has moved away from a Kabanero "branded Che" and towards the CodeReady variant to make the developer experience more consistent with Kabanero and OCP. The version of the CodeReady Workspaces Operator varies depending on OCP release.


Kabanero 0.7.0 executes on OCP 4.3.


Stack Version










0.2.26 (in the process of deprecation)

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