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What's New in Release 0.9.0

We proudly present Kabanero version 0.9.0. There’s a lot to tell you about, so let’s get right to it.

Events operator with mediator

We’ve created a new events operator that uses a mediator, requiring only one webhook per organization — and therefore allowing you to avoid creating individual webhooks for every repository. In addition, the events operator can filter events from application stack repositories based on semantic versioning to determine which pipeline to trigger. This capability allows you to configure which events target which Kubernetes deployments. A new guide and reference doc are provided to help you get started.


Pipelines has been updated to support GitOps. Several example pipelines and tasks are provided. A gitops-map configmap, provided as a "tech preview" feature, can optionally be configured to promote the service to a GitOps repo after the build. For more information, see the Working with pipelines guide. A new pipelines guide contains streamlined instructions on how to use a pipeline to build your application, publish the image to a registry, and optionally deploy the application on your cluster.

Note that in moving to Tekton Triggers 0.4 and Pipelines 0.11.1 (i.e., v1alpha1 ⇒ v1beta1), the pipeline specs have changed (fields for paramaters and resources were updated for consistency across Tekton CRDs), and there was also an API group change (from to

Kabanero console

You can now update a Kabanero CRD instance from the Kabanero console. We’ve fixed several bugs and made a number of other enhancements and performance improvements.

Kabanero CLI

In the Kabanero CLI, we’ve added a new describe command that allows you to see more detailed information for a specific stack/version, removed the kabanero onboard command, and added TLS support during login. The CLI now supports Linux P and Z, and we’ve added back in the ability to pass a password in plaintext when logging in (for scripting purposes).

Digest governance policy

We’ve updated the governance policy to include a new detection point at pre-deploy.

(*) The REST APIs have a limitation for digest retrieval and checks: digest processing is only supported for containers hosted in Docker Hub, to be addressed in a future milestone.

Blocking and Tackling

As usual, we’ve updated the foundation components to stay current.

Dependent open source components

Component Version

Appsody Operator


OpenShift Pipelines Operator

0.11.2 (includes v1beta1 API)

OpenShift Serverless Operator


OpenShift ServiceMesh Operator


Open Liberty Operator


Tekton Dashboard/Webhook-Extension RC

Remember, the community has moved away from a Kabanero "branded Che" and towards the CodeReady variant to make the developer experience more consistent with Kabanero and OCP. The version of the CodeReady Workspaces Operator varies depending on OCP release.


Kabanero 0.9.0 executes on OCP 4.4.


Stack Version

java-openliberty *









(deprecated and removed in favor of the java-openliberty stack)

Note: The image for java-openliberty is now in the /appsody folder instead of the /kabanero folder. To prevent confusion, review the stack hub yaml file for the appropriate path to use in the appsody-config.yaml file.

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