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Kabanero Developer Experience

Use Kabanero to build applications that are ready for deployment onto Kubernetes and Knative, without having to spend time defining container images, build infrastructure, or Kube yaml. Focus on developing new applications and let the Kabanero tools do the heavy lifting of building and packaging deployment-ready containers. Go ahead and try it for yourself, either by using extensions for popular IDEs, or our command-line tools.

The Kabanero Developer Experience includes two open source projects, Eclipse Codewind and Appsody. Learn more about them below.

Codewind provides Kabanero with IDE integration and extensions to popular IDEs like VS Code, Eclipse, and Eclipse Che (with more planned). This enables developers to use a workflow and IDE they already know. You can rapidly iterate, debug, and performance test apps inside containers with the same environment as production.

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Appsody provides Kabanero with simplicity in the creation of cloud-native applications in containers. Appsody provides pre-configured container images (stacks) and project templates for a growing set of popular open source runtimes and frameworks, providing a foundation on which to build applications for Kubernetes and Knative deployments.

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