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Environment variables

Kabanero Collections are built with a default set of configuration options that you can modify by setting environment variables.

The default values are set by the ./ci/ext/pre_env.d/ script. To overwrite these values, set any required environment variables before you run the ./ci/build.shscript.

The environment variables are listed in the following sections:


When using Github and Travis as the CI/CD build process, the build scripts build only the Collections that have been modified as part of a git push or git pull request. This environment variable can be used to overwrite that behavior and build all the Collections.

Default value: BUILD_ALL=true


Controls whether the CODEWIND index.json file is built.

Default value: CODEWIND_INDEX=true


Defines the text that is prefixed to the displayName value for each of the Collection templates listed within the Codewind index.json file.

Default value: DISPLAY_NAME_PREFIX=Kabanero


Defines which Collections are excluded from the build.

Default value: EXCLUDED_STACKS=“incubator/swift incubator/python-flask”

For example, to exclude only the incubator/swift Collection in the incubator/ directory, run:

export EXCLUDED_STACKS=incubator/swift


Defines the organisation name of the image registry that you want to use.

Default value: IMAGE_REGISTRY_ORG=kabanero

For example, to use the Docker hub organisation of Kabanero to name and store container images, run:

export IMAGE_REGISTRY_ORG=kabanero


Defines the name of the nginx index image. This image is created with the IMAGE_REGISTRY_ORG organisation. For example: kabanero/kabanero-index.

Default value: INDEX_IMAGE=kabanero-index


Defines which classification of Collections are searched.

Default value: REPO_LIST=incubator

For example, to build Collections in the incubator/ and stable/ directories, run:

export REPO_LIST="incubator stable"
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