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Kabanero Foundation Installation

Kabanero is built on foundational open technologies that install onto a Kubernetes cluster. Applications are deployed using an integrated Kubernetes-native toolchain using enterprise-grade deployments infused with Kubernetes expertise. The applications being deployed will be based upon a collection. Kabanero Foundation installs the foundational open technologies (Knative, Istio, Tekton, kAppNav) then activates a default set of featured collections.

This experience is typically performed by a cloud operations team, although anyone skilled in setting up Kubernetes can also install Kabanero.

Try the operator-based Kabanero Foundation Install

Kabanero minimum resource requirements

Follow the instructions to install Kabanero Foundation.

This will guide you through:

  1. Setup of Kubernetes access needed for the install.
  2. Installation of the Kabanero operator.
  3. Setup of your first pipeline