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Kabanero Try It Experiences

Kabanero is a modern microservices-based framework that enables developers, architects and operation teams to work together, faster. Kabanero includes installable experiences based on your role. Operators install the Kabanero Foundation that runs on Kubernetes creating a Kabanero instance. Developers and architects install tools built for and integrated with Kabanero.

Based on your role in your organization, select one of the icons below for instructions and “Try It Experiences” for Kabanero.

The developer (or team of developers) can install the Kabanero Developer Experience for IDE or CLI. The integrated experience makes it easy to develop locally and deploy to a Kabanero instance.
The solution architect can codify technology standards and company policies using the Kabanero Management Experience. Stacks provide an efficient way for developers to use them.
The operations team manages the cloud based infrastructure including Kubernetes and can easily install Kabanero Foundation on Kubernetes.